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Once bitten...

I vividly recall being in 1st Grade in my first role as the Virgin Mary for Our Lady Queen of the Angels' Christmas recital in Newport Beach, California. Considering myself a consummate actress at the tender age of six, I sadly report to you that my performance faltered however, after I became quite distracted by Joseph's utter unprofessionalism. Despite sharing the same name as the role for which he was cast, Joseph was dumbstruck by the lights and audience and flagrantly violated our director's clear instruction to gaze lovingly at the baby Jesus doll, held oh-so-tenderly in my loving arms. Joseph's lack of stage experience was shamelessly on full display and I was mortified as he broke my own concentration. "Look at the BABY JESUS," I hissed, alas to no avail. Any former pipe dream of ever marrying such an unqualified thespian (and my crush), died on that stage. Cursed newbie! From there, I flung myself into the rigors of dance, with ballet having become my passion. Then, as I celebrated my sweet sixteenth birthday, new priorities emerged. My life hit quite a trajectory after my best friend and I were diagnosed with a serious case of Beatlemania, a decade or so late. We had discovered the mastery of the Fab Four at the our local theatre, the Rialto in South Pasadena. We devised a solid plan, and both graduated high school a semester early to embark on our careers as Broadcast Journalists. Perhaps we'd interview the lads one day. My first job as a cub News Reporter for KERN in Bakersfield, California was short-lived. We both pined to return to the Big City and found ourselves back home to take a serious crack at the L.A. radio market. I cut my career teeth in radio, then made the eventual transition to television promotion and production, and the rest is history. (Please see Resume page). I would occasionally dabble as talent, and took great voiceover courses, but experienced most of my upward mobility behind the camera. After enjoying 20+ successful years in Hollywood, my son was being bullied in middle school, so in 2004 I walked away from it all to devote myself to motherhood. (Easily the hardest role I've ever had.) I keep my writing skills sharp, by submitting positive reviews wherever warranted. Last year, I was both humbled and surprised to be chosen as Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital's 2018 Testimonial Speaker, for writing a heartfelt review on behalf of a nurse who was quite compassionate to me. It's such a rush to be handed a live mic, in front of large audiences who are there in part to hear you riff about life. The familiar rush of performing started flooding back into my veins, and like proud Mary, I'm rollin' on the river once more! (I wonder what ever became of "deer" Joseph?) 

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