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Motherhood: the role of a lifetime

I am always proudest of my role as Mother to my children...


In real life, I am a doting and protective Mama Bear of two. My son Chad is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. My daughter is a Rehabilitation Aide, at our local Hospital and her name is Chasey.


In reel life, please do consider casting me in film, television and/or print as a Mature Mom whose children have grown. (Rather than being a Matron, I prefer being called the Patrón, or "boss" in Spanish). I have joyfully experienced the many shades of Motherhood. I am now a Military Mom who is experiencing what it means to have a son devoted foremost to country and duty. I am certainly a mom to my daughter first, but do find myself more heavily relied upon to fill the role of a trusted Confidant Mom. I am the close friend she can rely upon for sound advice, as she navigates adulthood. I have been a professional Working Mom, juggling a Broadcast Marketing career, nannies, diaper bags and carpools. While my children were still in elementary school, I retired to become a Stay-at-Home Mom. I traded high heels for sweats. I was also once a PTA Mom, which is far different than being a Dance/Stage/Cheer Mom, which I have all been too! How about a Sports/Karate/Soccer Mom? Why, youbetcha. Whichever mom hat I am wearing, I am one hardworking mom, filling oh-so-many demanding roles, without hesitation!  But, I am definitely in it to win it! Do you see where I am going with all of this...?  


I am the perfect Mom, for any acting role!

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